English as a second - or Third! - language

English is not the first, and often not the third, language of our target students. Still, without a good working knowledge of English, it is almost impossible to participate in upward social-economic mobility in India. Thus, we aim at providing that knowledge to our kids, while at the same time making sure that at the end they will be able to: Enjoy reading in English, be able to converse comfortably with anyone in English, and love the language. What's special about our books:


  • Tailored at kids with zero prior exposure to English before entering school.
  • The font is based on the famous Handwriting Without Tears series - easy to read, easy to write.
  • We mix up full word recognition with a phonics-based approach that enables them to really really learn reading.
  • It combines reading & writing instructions, stories and guided speaking activities with exercises to practise all of that.
  • Instructions in Hindi help the teacher to understand how to maximise learning in class.

English Class 1

English Book Class 1.pdf
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English Class 2

English Class 3