Damini Kindergarten - The Team

Pooja Kumari and Pooja Bhardwaj

Pooja and Pooja standing in front of the new school building (educators of damini kindergarten)
Pooja and Pooja standing in front of the new school building

Our beloved Poojas are two of our oldest students. Thus, we not only know them for more than 15 years, they also come from the community we want to serve. While one of them grew up on the street and even went begging, the other comes from an underprivileged lowered caste with a background of malnourishment and neglect. Both of them struggled at school because of their learning difficulties, but both also successfully finished their high school. They are now pursuing certification as educators from Indira Gandhi National Open University.


Both of them have a heart for maltreated children. Pooja K. voluntarily takes care of younger siblings and relatives from the street and, thus, single-handedly protects more than ten children and youth from having to live on the street and be subject to an abusive lifestyle. During Corona, Pooja B. helped out with that and stayed with them for almost two years.


We are so proud to see our own kids grow up and start to take over our work. Of course, we will continue their training on-the-job as well as provide supervision and further education.