About us

his work is an international collaboration between several NGOs. Here you find the main ones with links to their respective websites and a short description how they are linked to the projects and the main person overseeing the work in India.

Basic Human Needs (Canada)

Thali with rice, salad, and chutney

Basic Human Needs is a non-profit located in Vancouver, Canada, and has been supporting the work of grassroots schools for extremely marginalized kids in Varanasi for over a decade. They support the work financially and with their know-how and through their volunteers always making sure that the needs of the children for free schooling, housing, medical and food are met.

In-charge: Jessica Morwood

Damini e.V. (Germany)

Concept map visual kindergarten

We are hosting this website and have been deeply invested in the preparation and facilitation of all projects. We provide support through our expertise, with administrative support as well as hands-on activities on the ground. Kati has been in charge of the Diya Teacher Training program for the past decade.

In-charge: Kati Cysarek

Asha Deep Vidhyashram (India)

Connie Rao (principal) and Siddharth (vice-principal) have been great collaborators for the welfare of underprivileged children in Varanasi. They run school for 150 children and have undertaken the administrative oversight of our projects. They are currently our main partner in Varanasi. They are currently constructing the school building in which Damini Kindergarten will run. 

In-charge: Connie Rao & Siddharth