We are currently working on a free online teacher training course. It will be hands-on, video-based, and aimed at teacher working with underprivileged kids in tough classrooms. This is our curriculum so far. If you're missing something, please let us know.


Course 1 - Teacher Mindset  
Introduction to Hattie's Research
In this course, you will learn about the huge influence your mindset has on your teaching. Did you know that you your students will have better results just by you changing your own attitude towards them? Learn how stop labeling your students and how to expect the best of them. Develop a mindset that focuses on growth.
Teacher not labeling students
Teacher's estimates of achievement
Teacher credibility
Self-reported grades
Growth Mindset (collective teacher efficacy)
Course 2 - Parts of a successful lesson  
Mix of methods
As teachers, we often use the book as our main method of teaching. For students, this is very boring and demotivating. It is also very ineffective to teach only through school books. In this course, you will study different parts of successful lessons. At the end of the course, you will be able to engage your children successfully. You will create and use learning games and teaching aids and make your class a fun and effective one.
Introducing your topic
Success criteria (+ appropriately challenging goals)
Learning games
Teaching aids
Cooperative learning
Natural order of learning processes
Course 3 - Classroom Management  
Teacher clarity
Are you frustrated because no matter how much you try, you end up shouting at your students? Do you feel that children need to be scared of you because otherwise they won't listen? Are you disappointed with yourself because you can't seem to take control of your class? Join this course and learn how to manage your class in a positive way. Start balancing the needs of the students with the requirements of a teaching environment. Develop your teacher radar and learn how to deal with disruptive behaviour. By the way: This course is also great for teachers who are looking for time management tips!
Arranging the physical space
Establishment of rules
Moment-by-moment planning of instruction
Advance planning
Teacher radar - decreasing disruptive behaviour
Organising yourself
Course 4 - Student-Teacher Relationship  
Building good relationships
Creating strong teacher-student bonds is a pre-requisite for successful teaching. Take this course to learn how to create good relationships with your student. Learn how you can contribute to students' sense of belonging and their connectedness at school.
Belonging / School connectedness
Classroom Cohesion
Teacher-student talk outside the classroom
Course 5 - Teaching Methods & Strategies  
Small group learning
Teaching is not equal to teaching. There are lots of different methods out there. However, not all are similarly effective. Join this course to discover what educational research has shown to be the most effective ones. Learn how to implement them into your day-to-day teaching to boost the learning of your students!
Classroom discussion
Jigsaw method
Flipped classroom
Explicit teaching strategies (explicit instruction)
Reciprocal teaching
Inductive teaching
Inquiry-based teaching
Concept mapping
Mastery learning
Course 6 - Assessment  
Frequent testing
Are you tired of the cramming students have to do at the end of the session? Do you want to develop meaningful forms of assessment that let you truly understand where your students are in their learning process? Do you want to learn how to help them revise and prepare better? Then join this course and become the learning mentor your students need to excel!
Alternative forms of assessment
Formative evaluation
Spaced and massed revision
Creating interesting and interactive assessments
Course 7 - Challenges in your classroom  
Special needs students
To do each child justice is an extremely difficult thing to do. Very often, we find our students to be difficult, unresponding, aggressive, or slow-paced. If you want to look behind these labels and understand the many challenges you as a teacher face in the classroom, take this course! You will learn with so-called "bad" students. These students aren't bad, but we as teachers are often bad at providing them what they need. Time to change that!
Students with attention deficits
Prevention of reading difficulties
Prevention of difficulties in Mathematics
Behavioural issues
Students with trauma