The Food

We are very invested in providing high quality food, because we know how much our kids miss and need that in their daily lives.

Snack Time

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Every week day, Suraj goes to the ghat early in the morning to provide a snack for the street kids to start their day. Three times a week, the kids get bread with peanut butter or jam in the morning, the other days they get a fruit.


school lunch streetchildren

At noon, the kids will partake of the school lunch of Asha Deep School, which is daily cooked for all kids above grade three. The younger ones usually go home earlier - except our kids. They need to be off the street as long as possible. Thus, lunch.


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At kindergarten, the kids get a second breakfast. We provide bread from the BrownBreadBakery, milk, and raw vegetables and fruit. The kids are able to help with making the breakfast in order to teach them to be independent.

Afternoon Snack

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Around four pm, the kids attending kindergarten will get another small snack. After we drive them back to their tents, they play outdoor games at the nearby Ganga shores, or look at books from our moving library.

Special snack spread during the Holi festival
Special snack spread during the Holi festival

On special occasions, we go to great lengths to create awesome feasts. All staff and children get involved to cut and peel, cook and season. We try new Indian and international recipes, too, because we want our kids to have a huge variety of vegetables, tastes, and exposure to other cultures.