The Classroom

Fine motor skills

tweezer activity for sorting pasta into molds - kindergarten level

Tweezer activities help children to strengthen their finger muscles and practice eye-hand-coordination.

Book "Reading"

Reading box kindergarten level school india

We encourage literacy skills by daily story times as well as a time in which children "read" books independently.

Sorting Activities

pea sorting activity montessori kindergarten

Kids love order and harmony. Thus, they love sorting activities, which are so kinetically pleasing and rewarding.

Aesthetically pleasing

aesthetically prepared learning space in kindergarten school

We want students to experience beauty and learn how to create and maintain beautiful space. It's a big thing for us.

Artistic Expression

Boy with hand-made pipecleaner glasses (creativity class)

Daily availability of arts and craft equipment enables children to create and invent.

Nature adventures

Children studying in the nature - nature walk in kindergarten

The outside is our classroom, too. We regularly go on nature walks and observe and learn from our natural surroundings.


Montessori material colour sorting

Our materials are designed to be self-controlling for students to be able to work without a teacher's "judgment".

Open-Ended play

Open-ended play with a parking lot

Like this parking lot that is also be used as a marble or river track by the kids, we love our kids to use their fantasy to play.

Cleaning Equipment

board to hang cleaning equipment at school

The children and educators clean everything on their own to teach hygiene and independence to our kids.